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juxtapose is the new karma

Ohhhhhh, my week was good. it just... was. brace yourselves for my longest-ever entry.

those words in the subject title came to me. or rather, I came to them. in the study station. cause some poetic soul wrote them on a desk, and I was lucky enough to stumble upon them.

thursday morning, I had an advisor meeting between me, my dad, and Mme Albright. (no, I'm not in trouble this time) My dad was getting pissy with the fact that my schoolnight routine consists of staying up til after 1am doing homework, which is NOT my fault and he has no right to get mad at me because: a) Holland Hall teachers are homework happy, and 2) my mom is a nazi who won't even think of letting me do things with my friends on the weekend unless my grades are good, assignments in, etc. and I kinda, sorta have these things called friends. and maybe even... yes, a social life. oh dear! so, I'm pretty much trapped in a lose-lose situation. and in hopes of remedying my time management, I now have 2-3 demand mods 4 times a cycle. not that I'm complaining, cause it's not like full demand or punishment, and who knows - maybe it'll help me. I hope. So anyway, my dad and I walk into the commons this morning to find bubble tape under our feet and an adorable brown doggy running up to us. A very pleasant surprise to someone who's still half asleep. then advisor meeting. then morning meeting. then I got a nifty french award. I placed 3rd in the state and [insert number here, which I forgot] nationally and get to attend some sort of nifty ceremony. speaking of french, I was inducted into the national honor society wednesday. I r teh happies =)

My mom always works on thursdays. always. which is perfect, cause philip invited me and peepo over after school to watch a movie. donnie darko is the best thing ever. I've seen it 3 times, and it's still not old.

friday = laziness + some homework. today = traditional waffle house breakfast with my dad, then used honda shopping. we're getting another car cause my dad has to rent one whenever he's home, plus I'll be needing one soon anyway. speaking of which, I'm now officially signed up for driver's ed. it's about damn time! thanks for the wait, mommy dearest. may 31st/june 1st. a couple of weeks after my birthday, but I dont care at this point.

I've been so fucking lazy this weekend, it's not even funny. I s'pose I'll cram a bit of algebra in before I go to bed. then tomorrow, I'll attempt to finish everything else. I'm going into super ADD mode and can't get anything done right now, it's driving me crazy. buuuuuut.. I'm getting ADD testing in a week or so. why I've waited til now, I don't know. hopefully it's one step to making things a little easier for me?
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