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something more exhilarating

whaddya know, I think my eljay just went unanorexic. wonder how long it'll last. in any case, I won't fuck with it anymore today.

euro class = techno rave. mr sweeney shows up about 10 minutes late. so when I walked into the classroom - lights out, mont dancing/laser pointering with the remote, connor beatboxing, everyone with their phones out spinning them as part of the light show, and then I played some numa numa. hell yes. mr sweeney walked in looking a bit surprised, but he joined the party cause he's cool like that.

I paid chrish $5 so he'd let me straighten his hurr. awwww, he was so gay! and whiny. and embarassed. it provided me with much amusement. but ricky was a fuckface and wouldn't let me do the same to him.

so, I'm pretty psyched for is-as (but I bon't want to fuck anything up on my clarinet, which is probably inevitable). and today was a good day. and me and jessi (proper grammar can die, this is oklahoma) went on a lawn gnome quest, which turned into a wac adventure (the wac is a great place for adventures btw). and I ran into chris carder yesterday... twice. *shudders* and this semester is going to be a good one - I can feel it. and death cab = tomorrow. and I'm pretty much happy with everything right now, almost. except I miss my dad... a lot.
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