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people might make nice pets.

There really is nothing like going to borders on a friday and spending a couple of hours reading manga and indulging in goodies with friends. my week was busy as usual, so that was some much needed relaxation time. then on the way home...

I got the goddamn weirdest phone call from mucci. funny/random/entertaining, calling right after his nap. he claimed he was sober, but you would assume otherwise from hearing him. silly brian =)

Oh, and it's sort of crossed my mind, but todays discussions etc. made me realize:

our school is populated by more ignorant bastards than can be considered healthy. it's actually kind of depressing sometimes. I consider myself an open minded person, and hope that my being this way will somehow make for a better environment...? and then I feel like any effort I make to be accepting is in vain because a few assholes come along and shatter this so-called "community". Ohhhhh, and wanna know what really makes me happy? Me, and I'm sure others, have been accused of being antisocial for spending so much time in the mini commons (thanks, mr spencer - way to make me feel good about myself). how can they fucking blame us?? Just listen to some snippits of conversation next time you walk through the commons. Here's a sample: gossip, racism, more gossip, misogyny, homophobia, random other forms of bigotry, "hey, are we gettin drunk this weekend or what?" ridicule, pressure, etc. And I'm antisocial for not wanting to associate myself with any of that? Then that must make me a goddamn recluse. (note: by no means am I referring to every single person in the commons, because of course not everyone contributes to what I'm complsining about.)

Oh lookee, another rant. that's two days in a row. buuuuuuut.. the borders trip by far makes up for the other grievances, so all in all, I'm not feelin' too bad. and I'm about to curl up and enjoy a good book. life is good sometimes.
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