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love in it's purest form

My saturday was spent at shades of brown for about 2 hours drinking a particularly good chocolate/irish cream mocha and reading a really good book. on a fucking rainy day. perfect saturday? I think so.

And all is well in my life right now. Some people suck, but not the ones that matter. The rest of the people, I love. I have this image of people as jelly beans or something. the icky flavored ones outnumber the tasty ones, but they're so tasty that they make up for their small quantity.

:edit: "You don't know what you got 'til it's gone." yes, it's cliché, but so true. my internet went out saturday evening. after struggling with it for half an hour trying to get it back even for a little while, I gave up. so no internet radio, no myspace, no livejournal, no downloading music. I may have had a few other things to do as well online, but that's beside the point. after a few hours, I remembered that my dad still had internet on his laptop (mooching off the neighbors' wireless ftw). So I got on his computer and my reaction was somewhat like this: O.O

It hit me. how much I use the computer, and that it's a luxury I should appreciate, and that dependence is a very, very bad thing that will surely come back to bite you in the ass sooner or later.
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