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sweet sixteen, bitches

Hannah may have partially fucked up my birthday last monday with her latest attention getting idea at my expense - announcing my birthday on the wrong day, but everyone made my sweet sixteen really special today =) Ky made a non-sucking birthday announcement for me, I got gummy frogs from eric, and everyone was really amazing (even more than usual). My horoscope for today said 5 stars, how fitting =) I decided to go to borders after school where I ran into sara, allie, jessi, luke, philip, susannah, and lissie - whom I havent seen in a couple of weeks, which is much too long. yay coincidence! Then my dad and I went home. he surprised me with a cake that looked a little something like this:

it was yummy ^.^ I had a couple of birthday cards waiting for me on my desk, so I opened them, and then I put on my socks with little sushi rolls on them. just in case you can't tell, I'm having a really wonderful day. And yesterday, I found out that the car we were supposedly buying for my dad is actually my birthday present O.O shocked? you betcha. parents are pretty crazy sometimes, especially considering the fact that I stil don't have my permit. the matriarch wouldn't let me take drivers ed during the school year, thinking it would "interfere" with my school work. but may 31st/june 1st is approaching fast. gogo permit! so... new '06 honda civic coupe. metallic blue, I believe? if Jessi is reading this, she and my other younger-buddies are going to be getting plenty of rides from me next year =D
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