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realizations are happy

Today is the last of my horrible F days. EVER. they go a little something like this: 3 mod bio, 1 free mod, english, euro, french, 1 free mod, drwaing, band, algebra II. And it just hit me today that we won't be doing any more labs in biology (I think?) which means that I no longer have to put up with Tanya - THANK GOD. I think having a rock as a lab partner would have done me more good. and I bet the rock would have a higher IQ. so no more listening to her idiotic questions to which the answers would be obvious if she'd just read the damn packet, no more doing all the work because she doesn't know how to, and no more having to cover up my work as I'm doing it to guard her wandering eyes. Oh, and if I have the misfortune of getting stuck with her in chemistry next year, Im gonna choke a bitch. that, and switch sections ^.^
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