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life is good

I feel like it's been too long since I updated, time to fix that. I can't believe I've only been out of school for a little over a week. And it didn't hit me until a few days after we got out that it was actually summer, as opposed to a brief two-week vacation or something. Things I've been up to: party - woohoo, shopping, drivers ed, shows, mini-con, and just relaxing at home enjoying summer. oh, and I'm a dumbass. why? for going to mini-con with about $25 left over after paying admission. keep in mind that there was amazing anime merch everywhere and I pretty much wanted to buy out the fucking place. but that's ok, at least I had enough to get a sexy wall scroll and partake of the most complicated soda ever invented. I can't complain.

everything has been wonderful.

and today I had my first behind the wheel driving instruction. ohhhh yes. lookout, tulsa. I did surprisingly well the first time, I have to say.
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