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I've forgotten just how wonderful grass and warm concrete feel under my feet.

I worked in the yard today, and it was kinda nice.

Driving is going great. and my summer is definitely not sucking =)

And I think I had one of my lightbulb realization things. it happened when I was on myspace of all places. [[oh god...]] anyway, the more people try to be different supposedly claiming that they hate labels (xx_DonT CAll mE_SCeNE!!1!1) the more they label themselves. And I s'pose if they want so badly to be unique, then they should just quit worrying about what everyone else does/thinks and be their own person. right? but no matter how much people like that claim that they're not trying to fit in, that's exactly what they are trying to do. Not conforming in order to conform. paradox? myspace is pretty funny sometimes.

if you're reading this, go taka a look at [THIS] community. it's really awesome/addictive.
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